There are 2 ways of getting our custom sandals.




1) The best method is to come into Our Store located in Asheville, NC.


2) If you can’t come into the store, you can order our convenient sandal fit-kit by mail.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Purchase a Sandal-By-Mail kit. The kit, pictured below contains everything you need to order your Paul Taylor Custom Sandals. The kit is $25 and includes a coupon for $20 when placing your order within thirty days of returning the samples.

Step 2

Following the detailed instructions in your kit, have someone trace your feet on the pattern cardboards. Mark all of the required information on the tracings, choose your color, style, and options, then return the package to me.

Step 3

As soon as I receive your completed paperwork, I will review your tracings and order form to make sure everything is going to work. I will contact you by email or telephone if I have any questions or concerns about your orders.

Step 4

When your payment is received I will email you a confirmation of your order and an estimated shipping date based on current workload. Work on your custom sandals will begin, and they will be shipped to you as soon as they are ready.

Sandal by mail kit 2